Service Updates Starting March 4, 2018

Hello Everyone,

As the 2018 year starts to pick up we want to wish you a strong selling season.  We have some service updates we wanted to share.  Please take a moment to review them so you are aware if they may impact your needs moving forward.  These changes will help better manage service times and one change is made specifically for security concerns moving forward.

Our service times last year were greatly hindered by our trying to do everything, everywhere for everyone.  Trying to be all things to all people was a recipe for disaster, no doubt about it.  In an effort avoid scheduling delays moving forward we have a few updates in service that we need to share.  All of these become effective March 4th of this year.


SignPost Install services the Five Local Counties in Northern Virginia. We do not service areas outside of these counties.  In the past, we tried to push further with additional trip fees but found it had a negative impact on other servicing stops needed.

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Fairfax
  • Fauquier
  • Loudoun
  • Prince William
  • Stafford

An idea of areas we may have previously serviced for you but won’t be able to cover moving forward.

  • Culpeper County (all)
  • Jeffersonton
  • Amissville
  • Winchester
  • Stephens City
  • Berrysville
  • Spotsylvania
  • Any location, outside of the 5 counties above.

LOCKBOX SERVICE UPDATES – Please read this one carefully as it has homework for you if we install your Sentri Lockboxes

Moving forward we will be using the Emergency Shackle Release Code for installing and removing Sentri lockboxes.  Please note that this is different than the ‘Shackle Release Code’ you have given us in the past.  That code worked only when paired with the use of a Sentri Card which we will not be using moving forward.  Each lockbox has different for Emergency Shackle Release Code and does not require the use of a Sentri Card.

If we are currently installing Sentri Lockboxes for you it will be important for you to get your list of Emergency Shackle Release codes to us.

This change is specifically for security and insurance reasons.  The installers will not be using Sentri Cards moving forward.  They will no longer have access to the key compartment.  It will be important that all keys be removed from the lock box prior to our arrival to remove the lockbox.  If we arrive at an electronic lock box with a key still inside the lockbox will not be removed and you will need to return to remove it.  So please make sure your buyer agents remove them during the walkthrough.  We are unable to manage keys, switch out lockboxes and try to repair malfunctioning boxes.

Instructions on collecting your individual codes for each of your lockboxes:

It’s actually very easy to get your Emergency code is easily located using the Sentri Mobile App.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, just go to the App store for your phone and search for ‘Sentri Mobile’

Install/Use the Sentri Mobile App as detailed here –

  1. Open the PDF document located here –
  2. Follow the steps for each of your listed lockboxes
  3. Email us a list of each serial number and its matching Emergency Release Code
  4. Instruct buyer agents to remove all keys during walkthrough

Another potential option to get your ‘Emergency’ shackle release codes is to contract Sentri Support directly and ask that they give them to you.

Don’t forget you can give your clients one-day codes to open the lockbox and drop in a key if that is needed.  Even with NVAR, you are allowed to give the owner access by using your mobile app to give them a code to open the lockbox.  NVAR does not allow the code to be given to others though.

One last note about lockboxes.  Please do not give us every single lockbox that you own.  Always keep some on hand in case of emergency, or if we run into an install problem on site.  As the agent, you will need to maintain that responsibility.  The service is typically used on coming soon situations where an exact date of its installation is not a concern or logistical challenge for you to activate the listing.


Oh boy, this one is a doozy – no more Coming Soon riders supplied by SignPost Install.  Wow, we hate that we have to do this but agents just never return them.  It’s nothing malicious being done by the agents, we are certain of that.  But to date, we have lost almost every Coming Soon Rider we’ve ever installed.

Solution:  Buy as many as you think you may need.  Mark your name on them with a permanent marker and store them with us.  Just remember, at some point, you will have to return them back to us if you are removing them to install For Sale sign riders.

Generic sign riders we provide:  For Sale, Under Contract, Sold, For Rent. 

If you have a need for other sign riders please provide them to us and we will install and remove them as needed.

Order sign riders at Oakley Sign and use PROMO CODE SPOST17 and get 10% off of your order >


Here’s the deal, if you are unable to provide a street address that can be located on Google Maps, then we cannot locate it either.  At times, even if you have an address, for a vacant lot, for example, we are unable to see the property lines.  These guys work hard but asking them to locate an orange bottle cap, directly across the street from two trees that look like Tom Cruz kissing a potato in a dark alley as their direction for knowing where a lot is and where the post goes, is A – Super Funny and B – Impossible for them to use.

When you are placing your order you are asked if it is a vacant lot.  You are then given the ability to give us the Lat/Long location, turn by turn directions and are requested to tell us how you have marked your install location.  If any of that information is missing when we receive the order, the order will be placed on hold while we wait for you to supply the missing information to us.

If it is a new home and has a street address, and to avoid install delays or mixups, then try searching the address on Google Maps.  If you can’t find it, give us the Lat/Long and turn by turn direction in the notes.  And tell us how you have marked the install location.

Thank you for reading this service update.  Get those emergency shackle release codes to us via email as soon as you can to avoid you Sentri Lockbox not being installed as requested.

The Team @