We are always looking for exceptional people.  If you are hard working, very reliable and understand this is a customer service industry that just happens to install real estate sign posts than we just might want to speak with you.  The position with Sign Post Install LLC is as a contractor (1099) so you should be comfortable managing your taxes on your own as they are not removed from your payment when getting paid as a contractor.

  • Valid driver’s license in the state you service
  • Current, full coverage insurance
  • Smartphone & cellular service
  • Full time Internet access, at home, work or on the road
  • Maintain a clean professional appearance for yourself and your vehicle
  • Be a ‘People Person’.  You seldom deal with the client directly but at times you will have to confirm information.  If you’re a jerk by genetics or sheer lack of caring for others you won’t be a good fit with us or for our clients and won’t last long
  • Have a desire to do a good job and work hard and you will be supplied more work, thus more money
  • Sign our Independent Contractor Agreement