Start Here First

Button-Nav-learn-moreThis is the first page to visit before placing an order; it will share some quick information to make your experience with us an exceptional one.  Sign Post Install LLC was created by Realtors® for Realtors®.  We know exactly what your challenges are and we share them with you.  A big complaint is the miserable process of ordering online, lack of value added, complicated checkouts, managing multiple install locations in one checkout, proper communication to the installers and oh yes, a mobile friendly site.  We have fixed all of those for you.

Please take a moment to understand all we offer.  Read the details or watch these short video overviews.

Earn Post Points

Earn 1 point for every two dollars you spend. Redeem your points anytime for discounts on future purchases.  It’s like getting a free post install for every 10 you order.

It’s our Thank You for selecting us!

Metal or Wood Posts

A very popular option.  Some Realtors® love the clean modern look of the metal posts.  Others want the traditional 4×4 wood posts.

With us you can have them both.

Lockboxes – Sentri, Supra or Combo

Now we are stepping it up a notch.  Supply us with a few of your Electronic or Combo lockboxes, we’ll install them for you.  Add this option while on the sign post request page for simple ordering.

Save your gas, we’ll install your lockbox!

Install Time

All sign post installs require that we call Miss Utility prior.  On average Miss Utility requests are completed in about 2-3 work days.  We will always install as quick as possible.  To save you from huge fines we must wait for the completion email from Miss Utility prior to installing any sign post.

Professional and Responsible

We take what we do very seriously.  It’s a business that relies heavily on customer service and a commitment to excellence and professionalism.  As such wood post installs require we call Miss Utility and we will every single time.

Professional and responsible always.

Fresh Paint

This is a pet peeve of ours.  When we see other installs and the post is damaged and looks 20 years old we hate it.

We always repaint the post on site after the install is in place and complete.

We promise your post will look great each and every time!

Email & Text Message Confirmation

As our order progresses through to completion we will email and/or text you as it reaches certain stages.  Very helpful on all post installs, but a great help on delayed installs or Wood post requiring we call Miss Utility to have the utilities marked prior to the installation.

Email confirmation happens by default.  If you would also like text messaging just add your cell number and ‘Check’ the box labeled [Please send me order updates via text message] at the bottom of the checkout page and under the Billing Information.

Bulk Order For Later & Using Checks

Some clients like to pay for 10, 20+ installs at a time and then order the installs as they need them.  Our simple solution to this is to contact us directly and request a bulk purchase.  We will charge your card outside the website and send you a coupon code that can be used on the site until your coupon is expended.  This is the same way we would manage a preference to pay by check.

Finding great solutions to your challenges

Quick Order Management

Awesome and simple account overview.  Easily see what posts are up, which are down or even send a quick request for a removal.  All from your account page.  (Click the image for a larger picture)