Welcome VX Envoy Customers

Great news!  VX Envoy has joined the SignPostInstall.com family.
We are very excited about this as now we can offer wood post installs as well as the metal you have loved all of this time.  We also have a kickbutt backend to allow you to manage and track all of your requests.

So what do you need to do?


What’s different?

Under VX Envoy you had two order options

  • with a flyer box or
  • without a flyer box.

We have that a bit different.  We have . . .

  • a POST ONLY which is $54.95
    and that is for us only to install a post and nothing else at all.  We install the post and leave rings for you to hang your own panel later.  This cost is for the rental of one of our posts and includes the cost to remove it later.  So many agents wanted this option we had to offer it.
  • a POST PLUS+ option which is $59.95
    and that lets you do everything.  For this price we hang your panel, your sign riders, a flyer box if you want one. This cost is for the rental of one of our posts and includes the cost to remove it later.

Everything is Managed on Your ‘My Account’ Page.

No more emailing requests.  Not only do emails got overlooked or missed in a timely fashion, it’s just a very messy way to manage the help that you need.  We have it all set up to manage right from your ‘My Account’ page.  Need to make a change request to an install that has not been completed yet?  You would do that through your account page.  Need to request a removal of a previously installed signpost?  You would do that through your account page.

Check out this video on managing your account and installs


New to the Wood Post Option? 

It’s very important to understand Miss Utility.  It is the law and we call them on every wood post install request.  Here’s a video about how that timing all works out and what you need to be aware of.