Install – Post Plus+

Base Price $68.95

All Inclusive Sign Post Install. Includes our installing your sign panel, our sign rider of your choice and a flyer box if needed.

Note: Unreturned Sign Riders that we provide will be charged at $10.00 each.  All riders must be outside the home for pickup when the removal is ordered, preferably on the ground next to the signpost.

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What this order includes:

  • The installation and later removal of . . .
    • Our Sign Post and any additional items that were added to the install request

*The installation post rental period is a 9-month term or until the listing is sold or withdrawn, whichever comes first.  If your listing requires an extended term after the first 9-months we have very low term extension for $25.  The cost charged for this order includes the cost for the removal later.  Please review our Lost, Damaged or Unavailable Fees Page.